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Vera is a trendy residential neighborhood in central Tbilisi, known for its bohemian lifestyle with a vibrant art scene, numerous galleries, music bars, diverse selection of cafes and restaurants.

Very popular among expats settling in Tbilisi, especially - young professionals and creatives.

Many buildings here date back to the early/mid 20th century and historically housed the intellectual elite of the country.

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Our Kitchen

Modern equipment

Our fully equipped professional kitchen not only bakes delicious fresh bakeries every morning and nutritious healthy lunches throughout the day, it is also very specious and often used for cooking master-classes!


Americano & croissant

Americano & croissant

20% discount every morning until 11am


⁠Chocolate fondue

⁠Chocolate fondue

complimentary for a small celebration

min order 120 GEL

⁠Complimentary glass of wine

⁠Complimentary glass of wine

for orders over 50 GEL